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Avena health benefits

I have used there products for over 10 years and I do recommend there produces. For more information email me.

Avena Originals Presents the 90 Day Challenge!
Stephen Cochrane Feel Great, Loose Weight, and save up to 50% off your Avena Products
The hardest part of any health change is always staying on track. At Avena we know how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle in today's world, and we think we've found the solution! This new 90 days to health program is uniquely tailored to those of us combining our supplementing needs and dietary adjustments.

Join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bond together to complete this 90 day journey to better health with us, and your fellow Avena members!

STARTS: January 1, 2011 ENDS: March 31, 2011

Those who wish to participate must sign up and purchase their first products by December 15, 2010 to ensure that both Product and Promotional package have enough time to arrive to begin on
January 1, 2011.

3 Options Available
FULL (All Seven Avena products)
CLEAN (Herb Cocktail, Enzymes, Friendly Flora)
FEED (Enzymes, Toco, Minerals, Electric C, Superfood)

Supplies you will receive

-Custom-made guide & journal by Avena Originals to help you track your progress regularly and accurately.
-Upon completion— a special certificate to say you've done it!
-One-on-One contact with an Avena Staff member to help guide you through the process and answer any additional questions you may have.
-Special online community for additional support from other participants and Avena staff members. This will be a great way to meet others going through the same experience you are!

► A new and improved YOU! Everyone wins when it comes to gaining health and understanding of their body!
► All participants who complete the program will receive 25% credit BACK for the product they purchased towards completing the 90 day challenge to health.
► One lucky participant will win 100% credit of their products purchased for the program! (Total prize value of more than $1000.00! )

Additional prizes and giveaways for those who win in the following areas:

►Most weight lost
► Biggest Overall Health improvement
► Most significant Health recovery
(on a specific issue)
► Best Recipe
► Best Health Journal.

Available to all Avena Members running from
January 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011.

Earn up to 50% back
Commit to the Challenge and see

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ginkgo Biloba - How does it work?

I have been studying health and I feel this information is important for all of us.

Ginkgo Biloba - How does it work?
Ginkgo Biloba works by increasing blood flow to the brain, and through the entire body's network of blood vessels, which supplies oxygen and nutrients. Good blood circulation is essential for good health - better blood circulation promotes general longevity, and helps to keep you healthy.

Ginkgo has 2 groups of active components - flavonoids and terpene lactones including Ginkgolides A, B, and C, bilobalide, quercetin, and kaempferol. The Ginkgolides help control allergic inflammation and asthma. Ginkgo Biloba also acts as a powerful antioxidant, and helps kill the free radicals, which contributes to aging.

Ginkgo is well recognized for its positive effect on brain functioning - enhancing memory, mental alertness, and reducing mental fatigue and lack of energy. As Ginkgo works as a brain enhancer, it has obvious benefits for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Even for a healthy person, Ginkgo Biloba can help improve brain function by preventing and treating conditions of cerebral vascular deficiencies, where there's decreased flow of blood to the brain.

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits
Over the past 30 years, more than 300 studies have show Ginkgo Biloba to provide a host of benefits for the body. Not only does Ginkgo Biloba help improve mental functioning as mentioned above, it also has a long list of other benefits:

Ginkgo works by increasing blood flow to the brain and throughout the body's network of blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the organ systems.
It increases metabolism efficiency, regulates neurotransmitters, and boosts oxygen levels in the brain which uses 20% of the body's oxygen.
Ginkgo may also help control the transformation of cholesterol to plaque associated with the hardening of arteries, and can relax constricted blood vessels.
Benefits of enhanced circulation in the brain include improved short and long term memory, increased reaction time and improved mental clarity
Ginkgo has been shown to be a supportive herb for treating infertility in males or impotence
Ginkgo Biloba also helps prevent damage to your organs from free radicals, and also blocks the platelet activating factor which causes some skin disorders such as psoriasis
Ginkgo Biloba's beneficial effects on the circulatory system also helps in the treatment of eye and ear disorders

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pristine Sea Salt

What is Pristine Sea Salt?

What real, true salt is supposed to be. 100% Unrefined – 100% Good For You! If table salt had never been invented this is all you ever would have seen and loved – with none of the harmful side effects associated with common white table salt. Pristine Sea Salt is Summer Harvest – Sun Dried – Hand Harvested. From salty tears to healthy cells, salt is a vital requirement for proper health & well being – naturally. Technically, Sea Salt is the complex, balanced mixture of essential minerals our body needs and craves in almost the exact proportions required. Chemical analysis of Pristine Sea Salt is almost identical to that of the salty "mini-ocean' for the fetus – amniotic fluid – in which we were created.
But– I've Been Told Not to Use Salt!

No, they used the word "salt" - but meant the harmful chemical sodium chloride. All side effects, warnings, and bad press based on medical research have been done with refined, white table ‘salt' which is approximately 99.8% sodium chloride. Your very blood requires actual salt to function. Your cells must be bathed in a sodium-based, extra cellular fluid. When the cells of a mammal are deprived of sodium they literally explode attempting to equalize inside and out.
Why Then Pristine Sea Salt?

Because the body runs on salt. Without properly balanced salt we run out of electrolytes and our ‘batteries die out'. Refined table salt, even so-called ‘sea-salts' from health stores which are mostly sodium chloride, promote pathological calcification and a breakdown of cellular tissue. When people talk about ‘salt' they overlook the fact that there are approximately 82 other elements in Natural Celtic Sea Saltä which serve as a buffer to protect you from the harshness of pure sodium chloride. Nature put those buffers there to make sure our bodies could use the sodium properly, and to ensure that once it has been utilized, it will be eliminated completely and quickly through the kidneys. Pristine Sea Salt is completely unrefined to ensure proper bodily utilization.
What Does Salt Actually Do?

We are Salt creatures – just taste a tear – and you can appreciate just how Pristine Sea Salt has an infinite number of roles in our health. It recharges & maintains the cells and energizes the body. Proper salt actually helps our cells produce other necessary minerals, and recharges the cells in much the same way as a battery. It makes food taste better and more digestible; enhances hydrochloric acid production; stabilizes bodily functions and fluids. Salt effects digestion – Take Potassium for example – You can eat Potassium-rich foods, but it will do you little good unless you are taking proper salt as well. Your body cannot properly digest raw vegetables without salt. Salt enhances your saliva so your body can manufacture the proper digestive juices to break down the complex car bohydrates, Celluloid's and chlorophyll from the vegetables which contain potassium – Salt is essential in creating hydrochloric acid.

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