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Avena Originals Articles

Avena Originals Articles

7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health

7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health, A Lifestyle Guide

We have adopted the motto “One who has health has hope, and one who has hope has everything” – in many ways. Too many people suffer from degenerative diseases that are ‘PREVENTABLE '. We offer here some simple information on alternatives to this increasing dilemma. These are step-by-step, common-sense approaches to your road to, returning to, or improving towards, optimum health.

Step 1: START BY UNDERSTANDING WELL-BALANCED NUTRITION . We all know that ‘junk' and ‘fast' food is typically not nutritious. We also know that chemicals, preservatives, treatments (irradiation, pesticides, etc), and food additives & colourings can and do adversely affect our health. These things can be avoided. If we are conscious of our health, we should try to eat a large variety of nutritious foods, and have a proper ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. What we can do is eat less processed and packaged foods—and eat more natural wholesome foods. This ‘balancing act' in nutrition is not always easy, however many of us are striving to make it work. What many of us do not know, nor thoroughly understand, is that even cooked foods we may consider to be ‘good' for us can often create digestive stress—because our bodies have to use more metabolic energy to deliver nutrition from these foods when they are cooked. Table salt also diminishes enzyme viability.

Step 2: PROVIDE DIGESTIVE SUPPORT FOR COOKED FOODS . “Temperatures needed for cooking foods destroys their enzymes.” Alternatively, fresh fruits and vegetables, in their natural un-cooked state, pre-digest themselves quite quickly and effectively, mostly using their own enzymes. This is most evident by watching how quickly the bruise on an apple liquefies as the disturbed enzymes begin their work. And what about meat? Unless we want to risk food poisoning, we do not typically want to eat it raw. So, since we will probably continue to cook many items for safety (and most of us cannot always consume a wide variety of fresh uncooked foods rich in their natural enzymes) we should consider supplementing enzymes into our cooked-food diets. This reduces digestive stress and helps deliver optimum nutrition. Enzymes also help with other processes in our bodies thus multiplying their benefits. They are the catalyst (kick start) for the chemical reactions involved in every process in your body such as breathing, digestion, growth, reproduction, blood coagulation, healing, and making sure that all your other nutrients are doing their jobs.

Step 3: CONTINUE WITH INTESTINAL SUPPORT . Living microorganisms (bacteria) in our intestines typically out-number our own body's cells. The friendly ones (as in Avena's Friendly Flora – L.Salivarius and L.Plantarum) offer a large variety of benefits such as i) defense against and suppression of infectious germs, ii) digestion and delivery of micronutrients, and iii) synthesis of key vitamins, nutrients, and other beneficial elements. Friendly bacteria (probiotics) are the ultimate form of intestinal support. If their numbers are reduced (by trauma, stress, antibiotics, chemicals, etc), infectious bacteria can take over and cause severe health complications. The best way to avoid this intestinal imbalance is to provide a continuous influx of new populations of probiotics . Avena Originals offers the best probiotics , with benefits far in excess of other strains. Our L. Plantarum OM is patented in its proteolytic activity (digests protein), anti-tumoral capabilities, anti-viral, anti retro-viral, and anti-bacterial activities, along with survivability in the HUMAN gastrointestinal tract. It is heat stable up to nearly 100°F, thus it is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator. It is second to none in this emerging new field of intestinal health maintenance.

Step 4: SEEK OUT HIGH POTENCY, EASILY DIGESTED WHOLE FOODS. If you really want to give your digestive system a well-deserved break, it needs to receive whole foods that are high in nutrition, low in mass, and easily digestible. Avena's TOCO and Super Food are exactly what your body can utilize in this regard. Our electrically-formulated TOCO is a whole-food drink of stabilized rice bran, fortified with a full compliment of amino acids and anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables. Our powerful Super Food contains dark-green veggies, sea greens, fruits, and herbs—all high in natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrition. These two products can greatly reduce digestive stress and deliver optimum whole food nutrition in a convenient way. These whole foods are also quite beneficial in helping to maintain our probiotic populations. Also try to buy fresh un-cut as cutting initiates enzymatic changes, and also may provide an opening for bacteria to enter.

Step 5: IF NEEDED, ADD VITAMINS, MINERALS, AND ANTI-OXIDANTS. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are known to put the health of people at risk. Recent studies link anti-oxidants to the prevention of cancer. Life's stresses, including digestion of improper ‘foods', often tax our system of these support agents even when we believe we are obtaining a seemingly adequate amount from our diet. Also, active people often need additional supplements to maintain their energy levels. The supplements from Avena Originals are designed to add an additional boost to even a good diet. They provide a wide spectrum of nutritional supplementation to address potential voids created by diet deficiencies, system stresses, loss of physical activity, and other contributing factors.

Step 6: PASS THE BENEFITS ON TO YOUR FURRY LITTLE FRIENDS. Our pets' diets often mirror our own. In the wild, dogs and cats do not typically eat rice or corn, but take a look at the ingredient list on the pet food bag. It is not that the common pet foods are not nutritious; it is a matter of the animal's system not being designed to properly assimilate the nutrients provided in the pet food's matrix, and also the fact that these foods are cooked. That is why Avena Originals has its Pet Enzyme supplement and its Pet Flora probiotics , all specifically for pets. Our pets need and deserve the same nutritional benefits that we do. Since we alter their ‘native' diet, we should also provide a way for them to obtain the most out of what we feed them. These pet products deliver the same nutritional benefits to our pets that we get by using Avena Originals products for us.

Step 7: ENJOY A HEALTHY LIFE AND PASS ON WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. With the quality of your life improving, tell us and tell a friend. Being healthy improves not only our vigor and well-being, but also our attitudes and emotions. Sharing good things with each other is the foundation of humanity and is ‘nutrition' for our souls.

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