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Body Electric

The Body Electric

Energy has fascinated man for centuries. Walt Whitman created some of his most powerful imagery when he wrote; "I sing the body electric; the exquisite realization of health, with the charge of the soul." "The charge of the soul" describes ancient Chinese teachings on energy. They viewed energy as the "chi," the life force of the body. Over thousands of years, the Chinese studied the ways in which man could capture and then harness this energy. This knowledge exists today in Avena's whole food supplements.

When we think of energy, we think of our "outer" activities such as climbing stairs or running to catch a bus. This energy is only the end result of the workings of a miraculous power plant within the body. Traveling from cell to cell at the speed of light are pulsating currents of pure energy. These cellular power plants supply energy to organs and muscles to keep the body running efficiently. But we rarely think of this continuous activity within the body-processes that we take for granted like breathing, cleansing, elimination, fat control, and healing- all depend on these countless cellular energy plants.

Our bodies distribute our available energy using strict priorities. Energy goes first to crucial body functions, then to muscles and organs, then to digestion, then to cleansing and elimination or healing. But there is only so much energy to go around. Because most people exist at barely half of their energy potential, the body must pick and choose. About half of these bodily functions are always being denied. Fortunately, since our body is a lot wiser than we are, it is not going to cut off the energy for breathing so it can expand the abnormal amounts of digestive energy it'll need for digesting the typical North American meal. Instead, the body will wearily steal that extra digestive energy from elsewhere- "less important" body processes like cleansing, elimination, fat maintenance, or organ and muscle tone.

In their book, Fit for Life, the Diamonds write; "The activity that requires the most energy, and which frequently gets none, is the natural healing processes of the body. Disease is an energy crisis of the body. Our lifestyles and diets burn up so much energy that our bodies just do not have enough energy left to heal themselves. When our energy supply runs low, all the functions of the body are impaired; digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination drag; circulation and respiration are inefficient. All the tissues and fluids of the body are sluggish. The cells are no longer nourished, and we feel unwell. Health declines. We're sick!" This process is call degeneration.

We know that to recharge our energy plants, we must provide our bodies with whole foods. It is becoming more and more difficult to find pure, wholesome foods. Our produce is often force-grown in depleted soils, sprayed with toxic chemicals, placed in cold storage for months and, along with just a few hours under supermarket lighting, these so-called vegetables are depleted of much of their living nutrition. We then go home to cook or boil the rest of the nutrition out. Everything we put into our mouths either makes an energy deposit or makes an energy withdrawal.

The products of Avena Originals are whole, living, viable foods. When eaten together with a good diet, Avena Originals supplements fill in the gaps created by our stressful lifestyles and our severely depleted foods. Avena provides you with whole-food formulas from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables harvested at their energetic peak-passing on that viable, living energy to you.
Make daily energy deposits with Avena's Whole Food Supplements!

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