Monday, February 7, 2011

Focus on a Healing Diet

Focus on a Healing Diet

Every time you eat you can do something good for your health. You can always use your food as medicine. The food we eat changes our weight, mood and our outlook on life. The old saying still rings true.. We literally are what we eat. And eating is one thing we have control over every day for our health. Here are three (3) important tips to help you get started:

Promise yourself whole foods for your healing diet. Whole foods keep you whole. Today, we live in a man-made jungle of food substances instead of foods – many of them highly processed, devoid of nutrients, chemical-laced, sugar-drenched and full of hidden fat. Eat whole grains rather flour products; focus on fresh organic fruits and vegetables for healing enzymes and nutrients. Eating out of a box or eating lots of chemically treated, microwaved foods on a regular basis doesn’t give your body what it needs. These foods only add to the toxic burden already on your body.

Go organic. Organically grown foods are popular and easily available today. Organic food sales totaled $2.4 billion in 1995 and the market is growing 25% each year. Soils that aren’t treated with synthetic chemicals grow healthier plants that taste better and contain more nutrients. Organic food almost certainly helps protect you from cancer. We’ve known this since the 80’s. A 1987 study by the National Academy of Sciences showed that pesticides on commercial product probably cause up to 1.4 million cancer cases in Americans. Sadly, our children are affected first. The average U.S. child receives 4 times more exposure than an adult to cancer-causing pesticides in food!

Eat with the seasons you live in. If you look closely, you’ll find that Nature provides what is needed for each part of the year-fruits in the summer for cooling, and root vegetables in the winter for building, Eating fruits and vegetables as they are harvested in your own area is a wonderful way to keep a closer touch with where you are and who you are.

Get Back To Nature With Whole Foods

You aren’t going to find anything natural about Parma-foods, or any type of refined processed foods that have been fortified with nutrients. These nutrients are only a small portion of the whole food – and will never do for you what these wonderful whole foods that are full of nutraceuticals can do. When we eat foods that are locally grown or from our own garden, not only will we have better health and more energy – this way of living does wonders for harmony of mind and body – a step toward keeping the balance around us right and reminding us that we are all part of the natural chain.

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