Saturday, May 15, 2010

coral calcium

The most common elements in Coral Calcium are calcium and magnesium. The trace mineral analysis is impressive and could very well account for the many health benefits that this product seems to bring about. Our industrialized society has been severely depleted of these micronutrient elements and they are essential for the proper functioning of all body cells. Several years ago, Congressional documents Number 23476 said there is not enough minerals in the soil to support health for our bodies. The mineral have to be in the soil first in order to get into our food products and then into our bodies. If we don't use food supplements to keep us healthy, we certainly cannot be healthy. Coral Calcium contains 74 trace minerals, supplying our bodies with the minerals it needs. Coral Calcium minerals are naturally ionized (nature's smallest form, 1000 times smaller than colloidal) allowing for almost total bioavailability. Considering all of the major minerals, Calcium is of utmost importance! Almost twice as much Calcium is needed as any other mineral. In Okinawa, Japan, you will find very little disease or doctors. These people just don't get sick with the diseases we face here. The one thing that makes them different from us is they ingest 1000's of milligrams of calcium daily. It's found naturally in their drinking water. If you don't acknowledge this factor, you cannot be healthy. Good health is no accident. We all must drink lots of good water ever day, get in the sunshine, and get all the minerals needed daily. This requires daily supplements. These are approximately 74 'trace' minerals present in very low parts per millions (ppm's). HHA Coral Calcium will not be contraindicated with any current medications or other supplements you might be taking. This product is 100% safe with no negative side effects.

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  1. We are used to hearing doctors and other medical experts telling us that we need to get enough sunlight, drink lots of water, and eat proper food to be healthy. However, in today’s age, there are now food supplements that can help us fill our nutrition requirements, even if we can’t do all these steps.

    -- Yulanda Mccargo