Monday, March 14, 2011

Paradigm Shift

We are in a time of Paradigm Shift!

Medical science is changing fast. How does the tradition of herbal healing fit in? Herbal supplements have been meeting people's medical needs for thousands of years. Clearly, North American consumers are enthusiastically increasing their use of herbs as natural complements to drugs and drugstore medicines.

In many ways, in America, and indeed around the world, we are in a time of paradigm shift…especially in the global approach to healing. As our world grows undeniably smaller, people are interacting more, and changing long-held beliefs.

We are coming to see the Earth as an 'intelligent being', evolving and growing. The knowledge of mankind is also evolving and growing. Unfortunately pathogenic organisms that cause diseases are changing too-often replicating at enormous rates. Organisms and diseases are becoming more virulent, and our immune defenses are becoming weaker. More than ever, we must protect ourselves!

The latest chemical drugs aren't the answer. In fact, it seems that new drugs are soon becoming less effective against pathogens such as powerful viruses, instead of more effective. Recent research shows that even the newest, most powerful antibiotics hardly survive a year before the microbe they were designed to arrest, develops, mutates and grows stronger against them. It's a good example of a non-living agent like a drug trying to control a living thing.

While we must be respectful of all methods of healing, most of us don't realize we have a choice. All the advances made by modern medicine still do not address chronic sickness nor disease prevention very well.

You could call today's allopathic medicine "heroic medicine" because it was developed largely in wartime for wartime emergencies. But this type of medicine often also hits our systems with a heavy hammer, preventing us from being able to rebuild against slow-growing, degenerative diseases. Drugs cannot help our bodies stimulate immune responses either. In fact, most drugs and all surgeries create body trauma, along with their corrective benefits.

Immune strength is where natural, complementary, medicines, such as the herbal products provided by Avena Originals, are important. Each of us is so individual; our healing supports need to be able to work with us in a personal way for permanent health. We have to clean and feed our bodies, and Avena's Electrically Available™ nutritional supplements provide the building blocks for our bodies to do their own work better.

Avena believes that proper herbal formulations are a path to the universe-an eye of the needle through which we can glimpse the wonders of creation, and what it is really all about. God shows us His face in herbs, as they seem almost miraculous in their benefits to mankind.

Nature's herbs can conceivably be used to point out a path for us on how we may grow and modify in a big world that is becoming a 'global village'. We know we can count on the safety and efficacy of Nature, in ways that the latest drugs can never achieve. We know that using the products of Nature with their marvelous complexity and abilities help us address the health problems of today, just as they were used to address ancient ones. The Gifts of Nature may be our best hope to bring the balance back between the healing forces and disease. Their healing work goes on automatically, whether it is analyzed or not. Our bodies know how to use the body-balancing nutrients of herbs, without our brains having to know why. Nature provides a Unique Healing Experience. Avena believes the original genius of Nature cannot be duplicated.
Nature provides for each day to be Original
Avena Originals brings you Nature!

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