Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Principle of Synergy

The Principle of Synergy

The causes of the human body's symptoms work together (synergetic) to produce a far greater problem(s) than if they worked independently. Another significant feature of the causes is that they cause each other in a chain-reaction effect. Since this is the case, we will follow a problem all through the transportation system and see how it causes problem after problem.

For a number of years we operate on a diet of processed and cooked foods only. We do not supply enzymes through our food intake. The body must work overtime to manufacture enzymes, but some enzymes the body can not manufacture. If they are not supplied in the food, we just don't have them. (Any food heated to 118 degrees Fahrenheit has absolutely no enzymes). This means that the food is not broken down properly in digestion. This food which was to be fuel for our body now becomes poison.

If sufficient material is absorbed into the transportation system that the transportation system is not able to dispose of, it accumulates at multitudinous sites. The body has the ability to handle such a problem if all its support systems are functioning well and its needs are supplied. But if inadequate water (quantity and/or quality) is supplied, causing a reduction in the efficiency of the lymph movement, the accumulation will be greater.

Let's add to the problem by insufficient exercise so that the 'lymph pump' is not utilized. Since there is inadequate movement of lymph fluid, there is inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Since there is insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells incomplete metabolism takes place. Since there is incomplete metabolism there is an increase in the production of anti-oxidant enzymes. Since there is insufficient anti-oxidant production the free radicals are able to attack the DNA causing cross-linking of the genetic material.

The free radicals also attack the fats in the cell membrane making them rancid (therefore poisonous). The attack can go further to the connective tissue, binding molecules together to make skin tough and wrinkled. It can and does go on and on.

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